Color Analysis

Uncover your color blueprint.

Your Perfect Colors! Uncover your color blueprint. Your personal coloring is as individual and unique as your finger print and having a personal color analysis is the most important gift you can give to yourself. Each of us is born with a unique tone that is a combination of your melanin, hemoglobin and carotene. Beginning with the colors you wear, having your clothing, accessories, cosmetics and jewelry all in harmony with your personal tone has a transformational effects on both your well being, how you look to the world and more importantly, how you feel when you look into the mirror. You will look younger, thinner, more radiant & more beautiful all with the perfect colors surrounding you. Vice versa, with the wrong tones and colors, you will look tired, older, heavier and in-turn not feel as confident about yourself.

You may remember the seasonal analysis done in years past and wonder what happen to it’s popularity? The problem was that is was not accurate enough and only 1/3 of the world fit into one of the 4 seasons. (winter, spring, summer & fall)